"Not every bicycle tour starts right in front of the front door - often, we first need to carry our bike to its destination by car. While a few years ago, roof bike carriers were very popular, the current trend is towards tow bar carriers - not a big surprise considering the advantages during the loading of the carrier: The bike does not need to be lifted on top of the car. Especially when using relatively heavy bikes such as pedelecs (e-bikes) this makes sense. Additional advantages of a tow bar carrier are the low balance point at the car, low air resistence and the resulting increase in fuel consumption. On top of that, bikes to not become dangerous bullets in case of accidents. For the ADAC test, eight two bar bike carriers have been tested which are also suitable for heavy pedelecs - you can find everything from good to a pass." 
The Atera Strada Evo 2 received the best grade for the following criteria: 
Design / Handling / Risk of Injury / Theft Protection


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